Always Ever Be

Written by Cole Powell, late 2012-early 2013
Originally released on Unfiltered, Oct. 21, 2014
Verse 1:
So here we sit again 
Just you and me and no more friends
So it suits you to begin
That same old useless argument
I swear you’ve used a thousand times
Just so you can waste my mind away
So here we go again
I wish I had a wealthy friend
For every wasted word of time
Delivered by your voice divine
I swear it’s not to tax your mind
I don’t say “love” a thousand times a day
So here go the games we’re playing
I’ll sing you every love song
I’ll take back all I’ve said wrong
So tell me what must I do now
To prove that I still love you
I promise you I’ll give you all the
Gold that pirates took
The stars and the moon and every 
Cliché in the book
I’ll write you to show you you’ll
Always ever be my love
So won’t you chew on that
While I just sit here getting fat
Off heavy conversations that
Are meaningless and that’s a fact
I’m sorry all the countless acts
Of love are not just where it’s at for you
Cause any fool can say “I love you” and
Chorus x2