Songs You Should Know: “Move On” – Jet

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Receiving its first proper release on Jet’s 2003 debut Get Born, “Move On” is a country/folk ballad a bit out of place on a record otherwise comprising in-your-face rock ’n’ roll and Beatles-inspired pop/rock. But that isn’t to say the song is anything less than exceptional.
The tune opens with slide guitar work, processed to sound like it’s playing through an old phonograph (a la Pink Floyd’s “Wish you Were Here”), but soon drops the effect and slide for crisp, acoustic folk stylings. Drummer Chris Cester, brother of regular lead singer Nic, takes vocal duties here, providing an appropriately rough, deep crooning for the pensive first verse:
Well I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout the future
I’m too young to pretend
It’s such a waste to always look behind you
You should be lookin’ straight ahead
Brother Nic (or it could be Chris himself overdubbed; neither the liner notes nor Google had definitive answers) and a tambourine join on the chorus for beautiful harmonies and percussive effects respectively. The slide returns next for a brief interlude between chorus and verse 2—the best lyrics in the song:
10:34 Flinders Street Station
I’m lookin’ down the tracks
A uniformed man askin’ am I paid up
Now why would I wanna be that?
Chorus 2 adds another two lines and slightly changes the chord progression on line four, adding an Am for a sadder feel on the second go round.
Then, a rockin’ (though with only acoustic guitar, tame electric, harmonica, and tambourine) bridge ensues, with Chris’s voice sounding more like brother Nic’s screamy-ness (Is it secretly Nic doing his best Chris impersonation?) and channeling quite a bit of Mick Jagger in the process.
Repeat chorus 2 and end on a musical note of hopefulness with a Gmaj strum.
Though the lyrics are vague and far from groundbreaking, their ambiguity makes them extremely accessible, and they’re perfectly matched with the Dylan-esque music—proof that the Aussie rock ’n’ rollers are more than one- or two-trick ponies.