Christmas Alone

Written by Cole Powell, December 2008-March 2014
Originally released Nov. 18, 2014
Verse 1:
Well this must be Christmas
‘Cause all the pretty lights are strung so fine
There’s a smile on his shining face
And there’s a ring on your mind
He asks “Do you love me?”
You whisper “I do”
And the worst part about it
I can’t even doubt it
‘Cause I know it’s the truth
And you are so happy,
And I’m here at home
Wishing waiting wanting you and me
So this must be
Christmas alone
Verse 2:
Now all the lights and your 
Candy canes and silver strings 
And diamond rings
Are falling on you like snow
And how many more precious things 
You get today 
Well I don’t really care to know
And I’ve got a gift or three
under my tree addressed to me
From somebody else’s name
And the worst part about it
They don’t even count
‘Cause ain’t nothing from you babe
Your pretty face
With all its grace
A fireplace
That’s warming your heart
And I just hope
I’m not the one
That made it so
Cold from the start 
I want you and me
So this must be….