Sha La Love Me

Written by Cole Powell, Oct. 2010 – 2012
Originally released on Redux: Ultimate Special Director’s Cut, Oct. 1, 2019
Verse 1:
They were only young once in their minds
Their thoughts were wrapped around a world
Of only good times
Faded photo on the wall
In her favorite blue jeans
She sits inside them all alone now
And cries as she sings
Sha la la la la love me
Sha la la like your favorite song
Sha la la la la love me
Sha la la lie if you don’t
Verse 2:
He stares and curses that old photograph
She’s on her knees
He slams the door says 
“There she goes again and I don’t need this”
Then she cries alone on the floor
While the tears roll down in a line
Brought down to the ground by what’s to follow
She sings as she cries
Chorus x2