Simple Things

Written by Cole Powell, late 2013
Originally released on Unfiltered (Deluxe Edition), Oct. 21, 2014
Verse 1:
Burning wood on a winter’s night
You lay your head down and close your eyes
The radio’s on in my car
I’m sitting staring at the stars
And though I’m safe and warm at home
Got a feeling in my bones
Like a robin who’s tired of spring
I’ve had enough of the simple things
Verse 2:
I said “I’m mad” you said “I’ll help”
I said “I’ll wander the world and help myself
You don’t need me and I don’t want this
And all the places I’ll see I’ve made a list”
So I travelled far from home
The winter chiseled at my bones
Now like a robin who yearns for spring
Oh how I miss all the simple things
Well I quite remember
On a cold December night
Thinking to myself
Please don’t tell me
What have I done?
The morning sun touching your skin
The winter fire’s gone out again
And there’s a robin first of spring
Oh how I’ve missed all the simple things
Oh how I’ve missed all the simple things