Words Like That

Written by Cole Powell, Late 2011-2012
Originally released on Unfiltered, Oct. 21, 2014
Verse 1:
She takes her time at broken windows
Looking out at the streets of life
She says her men don’t understand her no
Too busy running for their lives
She speaks
But never thinks
When she speaks
‘Cause she thinks
She is the life of the party
But the truth is she’s just
A slow cold death to anybody
Who tells her she’s beautiful no
A girl like her can’t handle
Words like that
Verse 2:
And she’s not sure just what she’s drinking
Only sure she needs no cure
Don’t know why her friends just leave her 
Standing there
Only sure it can’t be her
She’s been talking in her sleep 
But there’s no one to tell her so
She makes a fool of herself in her dreams
But there’s none who’ll ever know
And while she swims across her seas
She floats but never sinks
‘Cause unlike you and unlike me
She thinks