Acceptance Speech – 2020 Josie Music Awards (VIDEO with Transcript)

COLE: Wow! This is absolutely incredible. I honestly thought I had no chance to win this. Just very quickly, I want to thank you, Josie and Tinamarie, and all the people involved in putting on this show. This has been phenomenal. All the performers, all the fellow—my fellow nominees, all my fellow winners.

On the albumI thank all the people who appeared on that. We had Nick Smith, Tyler Bridge, Zack Farnham, Sam Mooney, my lovely wife Brittany D, who is here today. We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary this week. Tenth wedding anniversary.
CROWD: (cheers)
COLE: (laughs) And a couple of people who have been—they didn’t work on this album, but they’ve been collaborators, and supporters, and compadres of mine, also, a couple of great artists: Jim Oakes and Kyle Graves.
I thank all the fans who have supported me. I’ve been doing this for ten years, and I just thank you for all the support.
And most importantly, I thank God for all of his blessings. And…everybody stay safe, stay healthy going home. Thank you so much.
CROWD: (cheers)