SPIDER-MAN: TAS 25th Anniversary Special – 10 Essential Episodes

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My generation’s iteration of Spider-Man hits the quarter-century mark tomorrow (UNBELIEVABLE!), and to commemorate, here are ten top episodes from the series, all now streaming on Disney+.
“The Alien Costume”  S1 E8-10
In this adaptation of the symbiote saga, Peter actually turns evil (not emo), and Eddie Brock actually becomes the Web-head’s perfect psychological and physical antithesis. 
“The Hobgoblin”  S1 E11-12
In a switch-up from the comics, Norman Osborn outfits the Hobgoblin (voiced by Mark Hamill, basically reprising his Batman: TAS Joker voice) before going green, commissioning the homicidal maniac to assassinate Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin, but things soon go awry.
“The Insidious Six/Battle of the Insidious Six” (Neogenic Nightmare, Chapters I-II)  S2 E1-2
Though the writers may have had to change the comics’ “sinister” moniker to please the sensors (which makes no sense, considering sister show X-Men featured Mr. Sinister with no problem), the evildoer team-up two-parter is no less a blast, and Peter inexplicably losing his powers during the ordeal raises the tension level significantly.
“The Mutant Agenda/Mutants Revenge” (Neogenic Nightmare Chapters, IV-V)  S2 E4-5
Honestly, in and of itself, the plot isn’t that spectacular. (Heh, heh. Get it? No? Never mind.) But it’s got the X-Men, and Cal Dodd’s Wolverine teaming up with Spidey is worth the price of admission (which, ya know, was free in 1995). 
“Enter the Green Goblin” (Sins of the Father, Chapter IV)  S3 E4
The Wall-crawler’s archnemesis makes his debut, and his introduction does not disappoint.
“Framed/Man Without Fear” (Sins of the Father, ChaptersVI-VII)  S3 E6-7
Possibly the best story in the entire series run, these dual episodes see Peter Parker framed for international espionage and lawyer/secret vigilante Matt Murdock/Daredevil come to his aid.
“Venom Returns/Carnage” (Sins of the Father, Chapters X-XI)  S3 E11-12
The titles say it all, plus Iron Man/Tony Stark joins the festivities, before Iron Man/Tony Stark was cool.
“Goblin War!/The Turning Point” (Sins of the Father, Chapters XIII-XIV)  S3 E13-14
First up, it’s Hob vs. Green, then the series presents a pretty shocking take on The Death of Gwen Stacy—except Gwen isn’t in this series, and the writers aren’t allowed to actually kill anybody. But those minor details aside, it’s still rather gripping.
“The Return of the Green Goblin” (Partners in Danger, Chapter VIII)  S4 E8
Harry picks up the Goblin mantle and loses his marbles along the way.
“I Really, Really Hate Clones/Farewell Spider-Man” (Spider Wars, Chapters I-II)  S5 E12-13
Years before Spider-Verse events would become a regular occurrence across media platforms, the ’90s animated series swan song saw the ol’ Web-slinger join with several alternate universe Web-slingers to prevent a crazed, Carnage symbiote-possessed Peter Parker (or possibly a Peter Paker clone; nobody knows for sure) from destroying all existence. ’Nuff said!

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