Cole Powell – Thanks For The Broken Heart Review

by Kerriann Curtis (Originally published 02/21/12 on IMR Magazine)

One thing that everyone reading this will have in common is the same for Cole Powell: and that is a broken heart. At some point in life, everyone is responsible for giving a broken heart, or being on the receiving end of one. To take the burn out of it, Cole Powell has created the perfect antidote for those who may be unlucky in love.  His 2011 release, Thanks for the Broken Heart combines rock songs layered with keyboards and a touch of southern hospitality to create a great album that is fueled by heartache and all that comes with it. With touches of soul, and their own quirkyness this album is the soundtrack to a Friday night after a fight with that significant other. Turn it on, turn it up and let the music soothe your soul.

Cole Powell’s vocals are distinctive. Rough and dry like sandpaper, he sings as if he’s scratching away to reveal something beautiful.  His vocals not only compliment the lyrical content but go along well with the music as well. The song “Perfect Time (To Kill Me)” is an example of the layering of instruments and the soulfulness that can be found throughout this album.  The song begins with just Powell singing and Marvin Curtis III on keyboards. Very simple, and very beautiful. From there it builds up into a full on soulful jam session complete with guitar solos and echoing background vocals to sing along to.

“Fairytale Happenstance” is a stellar standout track from the album. It’s a song that builds up and sucks you in like any good love story. Will they or won’t they?

He says “Can you here me now?
Do you agree there’s something between us?
And do you believe in being with the one you love?
Or do you think
Enough is enough?”

Listen and find out. Everything about the song is gorgeous, from the lyrics, acoustic guitar, hit of the drums, everything. If it doesn’t evoke some sort of emotion then you better check your pulse.

Even though this album’s lyrical content is sad and a little on the dark side, the music itself is oddly uplifting and some listeners may say inspiring. Whether it’s the Mississippi southern hospitality coming through the acoustic guitar strums, the reassuring vocals from Powell or some other intangible quality that does it, the listener will feel it coming through. Whatever the case may be Thanks for the Broken Heart is not to be over looked.

Rating: 4/5 Stars!

Album Name: Thanks for the Broken Heart
Date Released: October, 2011
Genre(s): Rock/pop
Location: Jayess, Mississippi
Band Members: Cole Powell-Guitar, Vocals, Nick Smith-Lead Guitar, Marvin Curtis III-Keyboard, Tyler Bridge-Bass, Gregory Stewart-Drums
Record Label: RandoMine Records