Cole Powell – Unfiltered Review

by Kerriann Curtis (Originally published 10/22/14 on WORDKRAPHT)

Cole Powell is back in action after spending 2012 and 2013 touring with a full band, Cole Powell and The Revivals. Unfiltered is the sophomore release from this singer, song-writer and musician.

Mississippi born and bred, Powell enlisted the help of friends  Nick Smith, Tyler Bridge, Zack Farnham, Brittany D and Sam Mooney to create an album filled with essences of country, rock, and a little jazz (not to mention one of a kind vocals).

“Ballad of a Man” begins the album on a “fiery” note featuring Sam Mooney on backup. The harmonies continue with the playful track “Company” (featuring Brittany D) while “Always Ever Be” is bouncy, fun and sing-along worthy.

What is refreshing about Unfiltered is while there are 10 tracks, the album doesn’t seem to putter out or get uninteresting. While most albums feature their strongest songs in the beginning Powell saves his best tracks for the middle and last.  “Just For Fun” is one of those songs that builds into this powerful experience; while the addition of the piano and strings makes you think you’re listening to a song that was featured in a major motion picture.

For anyone who happened to catch Powell’s 2011 debut release, Thanks For The Broken Heart, some songs on Unfiltered may sound quite familiar. With a new twist to some old favorites, Powell has breathed new life into “Stay”, and “Fairytale Happenstance”, just to name a few.

Within the ten tracks of Unfiltered, Powell has managed to create an album featuring some wonderful music. From tender ballads, to flirty duets and lots of terrific instrumentals (guitar, piano, harmonica and even a little from the horn section) this collection of songs is for fans of music period. The production quality is top notch and professional while leaving the vocals raw and dare I say it; “Unfiltered.”

Unfiltered will be released internationally October 21s. If anyone is interested in pre-ordering, you get “Company” and “Ballad of a Mad Man” available as an instant download on iTunes. There is also a deluxe edition available with five bonus tracks (just something to keep in mind).

Album Name: Unfiltered
Release Date: October, 2014
Location: Jayess, MI
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Members: Cole Powell, Sam Mooney, Nick Smith, Tyler Bridge, Zack Farnham, Brittany D
Label: Randomine Records